Working In Indian Country workshops are two-day interactive open-registration or contracted seminars that provide participants the understanding, knowledge and tools needed to develop trust and effective working relationships with American Indian tribes and organizations.  To register for or schedule a workshop please see our Register and Scheduling page.

Open Registration Workshops

Participants have the opportunity to ask questions and dialogue with tribal representatives in small group settings.  The course is enhanced with media including video clips of Indian practitioners and tribal leaders to emphasize and validate principles.  This workshop is interactive and the curriculum contains exercises and opportunities for participants to dialogue and discuss practices and principles presented.  Each workshop is adjusted for local customs and traditions.

During day 1, you will build your understanding of history, leadership, and communication protocols.  Topics will include:

  • A Whirlwind Trip Through American Indian History (buffalo herds, historic trails, sacred sites, land ethic, treaties, etc.)
  • Bringing History to the Present – Contemporary Impacts on Indian Life and Understanding how Historical Events Affect Relationship Building Today
  • How Communications Break Down (stereotypes, misperceptions, cultural protocols, etc.)
  • Ten Communication Protocols for Working in Indian Country

On day 2, you will be presented with the “nuts and bolts” of developing effective working relationships and have an opportunity to interact with American Indian elders and tribal officials who are active at the local and/or national level.  You will learn about and discuss:

  • Respect: The Foundation of Trust
  • The Platinum Rules for Building Trust and Relationships
  • Interaction with Tribal Elders and/or Leaders
  • Case Studies Focusing on Recent Successes at a National Scale

Who Should Attend?

Working In Indian Country workshops are for any organization, business, governmental agency or non-profit who has a need to conduct business with Indian tribes or organizations.

Past participants:

  • Federal Departments and Agencies – Agriculture (Rural Development, Farm Service Agency), Natural Resources (Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Environmental Protection Agency), Veterans Administration, National Guard, Federal Reserve Bank, Department of Justice, Congressional Staff, Small Business Administration, Federal Highway Administration, and more
  • State Agencies – Transportation, Agriculture, Corrections, Parks and Recreation, Cultural Resources, Commerce, Lands, Attorney General, Indian Affairs, Conservation Districts, Family Services, Small Business Development Centers, Health Services, Environmental Quality, Governor’s Cabinet, Natural Resources and Conservation, Extension Services, and more
  • Local Governments – Mayors, County Commissioners, School Districts, Planners, Administration, Roads, Law Enforcement, Economic Development, and more
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Non-Profit Organizations – Housing, Rural Development, Disabilities, Women’s Business, Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development, and more
  • Tribal Governments and Tribal Organizations
  • Private Sector – Banking, Energy, Telecommunications, Consultants, Engineering, and more

Contracted Workshops

Contracted workshops are customized seminars specially designed to meet your organization’s specific needs, timeframes, or locations.

To sign up or to contact us for more information about Working In Indian Country workshops please go to our Registration and Scheduling page.