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Feeling overwhelmed? Conducting business with any organization, administration, or governing body can quickly become complex. Each entity has its own unique protocols, procedures, culture, and general way of operating. This can be especially true for Indian tribes and organizations.  For more information give us a call at (307) 751-0540 or fill out the contact form below.


Don’t go it alone – use our accomplished coaching services when meeting with tribal leaders and representatives.  We offer coaching services that provide you the necessary elements to communicating effectively and building those invaluable working relationships with tribal leaders and representatives. We will not do it for you, but we’ll be right there to assist you in navigating those tricky protocols when working with tribes.  Our coaching services provide you with training, suggestions, and a physical presence at your meetings.

Tribal Relations Assessments

Tribal Relations Assessments provide your business, governmental agency, or organization the direction it needs to build an effective working relationship with the Indian tribes or organizations that you conduct business with. Our assessments take an “outsider’s” look at your situation and present you with an objective, third party analysis. We provide your agency or organization with critical information that it can use to build or improve working relationships with Indian tribes and organizations.

Assessments can help you:
• Recognize relationship and business issues and identify steps for moving forward
• Identify communication barriers
• Improve communications with tribal representatives
• Develop effective tribal participation for programs and projects
• Organize and budget for programs of interest to tribal stakeholders
• Adjust your organizational structure to best manage tribal issues
• Develop internal training programs to improve the effectiveness of working with tribes

Who are Assessments for?

Assessments are for any business, governmental agency, non-profit, or other organization who conducts business with Indian tribes or organizations.

How are Assessments Conducted?

We conduct Tribal Relations Assessments using a qualitative analysis to determine root causes of relationship problems and/or issues. Using an open-ended and objective questioning strategy, we interview the key players in both your organization and the Indian tribe or organization you are working with. No leading questions are posed and interviews allow free dialogue and discussion of issues agencies/organizations and tribes are facing.

After completing the analysis we prepare a final report tailored to your situation. Common report elements include an executive summary, background statement, findings, a list of issues by importance, suggested actions to address the issues, and conclusion. We also include a matrix of findings, issues, and suggested actions to provide an easy to understand overview of the assessment. Other report elements include specific topics discussed or requested during your pre-consultation interview.


Quotations are determined after a pre-consultation interview (face to face or phone) with interested customers. If you are interested in Working In Indian Country consulting  services please contact us using the form below or call us at (307) 751-0540.

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