“Working In Indian Country”

First and Second Place Winner in the 2012 CIPA EVVY Book Awards

Larry Keown’s newly released book “Working in Indian Country” is an invaluable tool to businesses, governmental agencies, Native American studies programs, and anyone who wants to learn about building successful business relationships and working with American Indian Tribes.

Understanding that relationships come first and business comes second is the first step in developing a successful business relationship when working with American Indian Tribes.  That pearl of wisdom and others are what you will take away from “Working in Indian Country.” It is the definitive work on how to successfully build trust and long-term working relationships with tribal leaders.

Borne out of nearly twenty years of working with American Indian tribes as a federal official, business owner, and seminar facilitator, Larry Keown’s  “Working in Indian Country” lays a foundation for relationship building based on redefining your leadership role through understanding history, trust, respect, honor, tribal sovereignty, communication and trust building protocols. There is little doubt you will experience a paradigm shift in how you currently think about working with American Indian tribes.

A portion of the sales proceeds from “Working In Indian Country” is being donated to the Association on American Indian Affairs.