Larry D. Keown

Larry Keown graduated from the University of Montana and the University of Idaho receiving his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Forestry and Natural Resources Management.  He began his career with the USDA Forest Service in 1975 holding numerous technical, management, and leadership positions.

In 1998, Larry founded LDK Associates, LLC, a company dedicated to providing educational and consulting services to government and businesses in the area of tribal-government-corporate relations. His clients have included federal, state and local governments, businesses, chambers of commerce, weed and pest districts, economic development districts, school districts, and American Indian tribes.

Larry has extensive experience assisting government agencies and corporate entities that desire or are required to collaborate and consult with tribes on a diversity of issues, such as sacred sites, economic development, energy development, interpretative exhibits, telecommunications, transportation, education, leadership, and trust and relationship building. In addition, he has assisted tribes in economic development, grant preparation, working with government and corporate entities, sacred sites, tribal community assessments, and more. Larry began offering workshops on tribal relations in 2000, training thousands of government and corporate leaders and managers. After seven years of collecting vital information on tribal relations he completed his recent book “Working in Indian Country.”